30-Day Meditation Challenge


Experience what your mind is capable of with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Sixty minutes of meditation for thirty days. For Intrepid meditators looking to improve their practice significantly.

  • Breakthrough obstacles in your life.
  • Experience less stress, rumination, and anxiety.
  • Increase concentration, processing speed, working memory, and creativity.

Every day of the challenge you will receive an email filled with content.


What you'll get in your daily emails:


Free Insight Call

Free 30min session with Dr. Jackson to clarify your personal picture of wellbeing. Start applying the SkillfulMeans 4 step process to integrate your meditation practice. 

Weekly Videos

Weekly videos covering topics such as the physiology and psychology of meditation, Zen stories and applying meditation to your daily life.

Journaling Exercises

Prompts to help you recognize insights and think about ways you can bring your meditation practice into your life.

Meditation Recordings

Guided meditation recordings integrated within each challenge to get you steady clear results.

Curated Content

Readings, video talks curated from the best practitioners in the field to create a coherent narrative.

Online Group

Join a flourishing community of fellow meditation enthusiasts and build accountability to keep growing as a meditator.

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Day 12 Compassion - Metta Meditation

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Meet Your Guide

William Jackson, PsyD has spent the last 20 years studying and teaching mindfulness-based meditation. Dr. Jackson is a trained clinical health psychologist, founder of SkillfulMeans, and has researched and created mindfulness-based interventions with the National Institute of Health, The Benson Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine at MGH, Tufts University, The Center of Mindfulness and Compassion, and Harvard Medical School.

His teaching style incorporates core methods from Vietnamese Zen, Burmese Theravada, and contemporary evidence-based mindfulness practices. William began practicing Pa Auk Theravada tradition while on intensive forest retreats with 7,000+ hours of total time in retreat during his six years as a fully ordained Buddhist monk.