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"We were told to “leave your sh*t at the door” and “this is a safe place to try anything” however no one was talking about safety or how to do that without feeling exposed and depleted"


The unsaid contract between a student and a performing arts school is that the school will provide all the necessary tools to become a great performer.

However every student has a different background, and unique set of needs to show up and learn the craft and perform. For students to produce creativity they also need to develop the skills that allow them to find emotional safety and refill their creative vessel.

Develop More Resilient Students

Of college dance students reported a mental health issue as their most severe health problem

Of students sought help for their condition...

How do students navigate the emotional life of a creative artist?


Taking Creative Risk

Without safety, we miss out on all the beautiful opportunities waiting for us outside our comfort zone. Define a foundation of safety to support your creative risk-taking.

Igniting the Subconscious

Learn clear ways to tap into your subconscious to find your version of creativity. Ignite what brings you immense joy, sparks courage, confidence, and vulnerability without the need to reinvent your life.

Rediscovering Imagination

Generate and think of new ideas faster. Learn skills to flex your imagination muscle so you can access it and apply it to your career, relationships, or where it is needed most.

Collaborating with Your Creativity Ensemble

Community allows creativity to blossom. We become limitless together. We can turn anything from good to great with the right community. We will be there supporting you to build your ensemble. It is the key to having more fun!

“If uncertainty is unacceptable to you, it turns into fear. If it is perfectly acceptable, it turns into increased aliveness, alertness, and creativity.” —Eckhart Tolle


Mari Reisberg, LPC is a therapist, coach, performer, podcast host of the Sustaining Creativity Podcast. For the past 15 years Mari has been leading workshops for Univeristies and students teaching and working with decision makers helping them learn how to create safely.

Mari herself holds a BFA in Acting and an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Dance/Movement Therapy, from Naropa University. She has worked with performers and non-performers to spark, grow, sustain and transform creativity in their lives.

She creates workshops and trainings that allow creative students and faculty to dig deep in their emotional life and experience in a supported and sustainable way creating resilient artists.


Getting the students and faculty into harmony

Part One - Faculty

In-Person or Live Online Workshops to help faculty develop emotional awareness of today’s students and the tools and skills to address your student body’s mental health needs in a creative setting. The following pieces will be covered through experiential learning, readings and practice.

Understanding the Window of Tolerance

The zone of stimulation in which a person is able to function most effectively 

Effective Communication

Mindful Listening, Understanding non-verbal communication, emotional awareness and management, and validation

Distress Tolerance Skills

These are skills to support everyone to effectively manage their responses to challenging situation, or heightened emotional situations

Faculty Resources

Who to reach out to for your own support in emotionally charged situations.

Psychological Safety

How to create a psychologically safe learning environment 



“I was concerned that the information would become part of a permanent record that could be viewed negatively. I still feel that there is a lot of stigma and the benefits of disclosing do not outweigh the risks.” - Survey Respondent

Part Two - Students

Is an online training program for students. This is a 21 day creativity bootcamp that takes students through several areas that will better prepare them to navigate and sustain a career in the performing arts. They will learn through videos, audio recordings, readings, writing and experiential exercises how to develop emotional resilience and sustain creativity long past their university training. As educators it is our job to provide students with the necessary tools to successfully sustain creativity in the performing arts.

Format of the Online

21 Day Creativity BootCamp

All the stuff you need to develop a resilient and creative mind.

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Educational Teachings

Weekly videos covering topics such as somatic safety, creativity, mindfulness and applying creativity to students daily life. 


Q & A Calls

Students can get answers to burning questions about creativity and share success and struggles with fellow artists on weekly calls. 


Daily Pages Questions

These are prompts to help students connect with their subconscious mind and bring  new insights to their conscious mind and into their real life. 



Accountability Exercises

Students can start creating their supportive community. Share with the community or accountability partner on a weekly basis to practice applying creativity skills and get personal feedback. 


Guided Mindfulness and Creativity Recording Prompts

Guided meditation recordings to help students develop a deeper understanding of their own creative process, emotional resilience steady focus.


Connection with Essential Resource

University and Skillfulmeans resource collaboration to make sure the staff is prepared to support student in body, mind spirit and profession.

SkillfulMeans offers digital
workshops and live university trainings and retreats

We teach the following skills in our digital workshops and live trainings. Each of our trainings is customizable according to your needs.


  • Participants will gain scientific and experiential knowledge about creativity, emotional safety and trust in their coping skills. 
  • Develop a healthy relationship with, one self, fellow performers and the environment (audience). 
  • Students and teachers will learn skills to develop a foundation of emotional safety and stable environment for creativity and performance.
  • As a team performers will begin to understand how to work with, emotions, vulnerability, creative blocks and professional relationships.  
  • They will continue to cultivate sustainability of their creativity and craft.
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"I brought Marika into work with graduate and undergraduate actors at Michigan State University for a residency. Her work in the classroom was truly remarkable and students responded so well to her thoughtful approach to physical work. Marika's unique background makes her a unique commodity in the actor training as her understanding of the craft of acting in conjunction with her complete understanding of the physical clues the body holds are unmatched. I was also so thrilled by her willingness

to work so compassionately with actors and addressing their individual journeys to physical and acting freedom.” - Rob Roznowski, Associate Professor, Head of Acting & Directing Department of Theatre, Michigan State University"


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