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Step 1

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Read  "What to Expect",  and Hear from the Alumi.


What to Expect


Clear, Powerful Motivation

We make meditation personal. We help you to clearly define your vision of well-being and use meditative insight to take clear steps towards that vision

Depth and Technique

Effective meditation produces a firm sense of calm, safety and clarity. In this state creativity, insight and novel solutions to old problems arise. These are evidence based practices informed by ancient wisdom.

Integrating Insight

Having an insight on the meditation cushion is just the beginning of a meditation practice. How do you bring that insight into your life? How do you communicate it and use it change key behaviors to enhance your well being?

Good Friends

We have all dug into a practice and found great benefit just to find ourselves falling into old habits and relationship dynamics. How do you make space for the new intentional you, find support and stay authentic?

Hear from the Alumni


Dr. William Jackson


William Jackson, PsyD has spent the last 15 years studying and teaching mindfulness based meditation. His teaching style incorporates core methods from Vietnamese Zen, Burmese Theravada and contemporary evidence-based mindfulness practices. William began practicing Pa Auk Theravada tradition while on intensive forest retreats with 7,000+ hours of total time in retreat during his six years as a fully ordained Buddhist monk. He is also a trained clinical health psychologist, founder of Skillful Means and has researched and created mindfulness based interventions with the National Institute of Health, The Benson Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine at MGH, Tufts University, The Center of Mindfulness and Compassion and Harvard Medical School.

Step 3

Head to your email to read The Skillful Means Guide to a Meaningful Practice.

 What would it be like to have a deep thriving meditation practice?