The Freedom to Lead Minduflness Program

with Pete Kadushin PhD


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  • Becoming Your Own Best Coach
    • Build the key ingredient of growth: self-awareness. Learn to engage your mind and your training so that you can tell yourself exactly what you need to hear each step of the way.
  • Leveling Up Your Goal Setting
    • Work backwards from your compelling vision of the future, creating clear and concrete next steps that allow you to make progress towards the finish line each day.
  • Getting Your Mind in the Gym
    • Identify the mental skills that will unlock your potential as an athlete, and train them systematically so that they’ll be habits when you’re under pressure to perform.
  • Picking Your Team
    • Get the right people on your team by clarifying what types of support move the needle for you. Learn to coach your support team so they can give you what you need to be your best.

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