January 2023 Update


  • Developed a profitable "Mindful Entrepreneur" product while researching a new audience.

  • Found a technical cofounder to start building SaaS

    Yearly numbers are 👇🏻

Updated SKMS Pitch Deck

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KPIs & More

  • ARR: $348K
  • MRR: $29,571
  • New Customers: 154
  • Spend Per Customer: $1052
  • Churn rate: 6.9%
  • Ave. Daily Active Users: 78

Customer Quote: "You are really changing people's lives, like for real."

"I think trust is the most important element to being vulnerable in a supportive community. You have really created a safe community."

If have questions or are interested in learning more about SkillfulMeans book a time with William here.