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May 13th-15th at the Dragonfly Yoga Barn in Sandwich, NH


Come decompress your mind in a beautiful environment with farm-to-table food, supportive community, and daily meditation, in a beautifully renovated meditation barn.

The theme of the retreat this spring is, Nurture.

What does it mean to make space in our mind, body and heart for new relationships, opportunities, and creative ideas to come into our lives and take root? How can we best nurture these little seedlings until they are fully grown? We'll be exploring all of this in our upcoming retreat. We will have space for 15 people in this intimate retreat setting. When you are not meditating, you'll get to partake in meaningful group dharma circles, yoga class, nature walks, delicious food, and relax and find your center in nature. 


Farm Fresh Meals

Farm-to-table meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) featuring seasonal produce, gluten-free and vegetarian friendly meals. Dragonfly Yoga Barn emphasizes fresh, local, and healthy foods that are nourishing to the body and the soul.

An Intimate Group Setting

Intimate group setting for 1:1 support and focused attention on your personal mindfulness practice and integrating insight from your practice into your life. 


Beautiful Nature

Forested hiking and walking trails, rushing rivers, bridges, and wildlife to keep your walking meditation interesting. 

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Your guides for the weekend.


William Jackson Psy.D. While meditating as a monk in remote jungle huts for 12 to 14 hours a day, William developed a fascination with how people living fully engaged modern lives could experience the life-changing benefits of meditation. This calling led him to leave the monastery, study psychology, and develop the SkillfulMeans approach to clarifying and pursuing your personal well-being. 


Heather Wise M.P.H. is a certified integrative nutritionist, mind-body wellness coach, certified yoga instructor, and author of the book, "A Gut Feeling: Conquer Your Sweet Tooth by Tuning Into Your Microbiome." Heather’s focus is on helping clients become aware of the natural cues of their body and develop an intuitive relationship with food that supports digestive health and mental well-being. 

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