Heal From Burnout and Build a Toolbox for Resilience

Heal from Burnout with Tools for RESILIENCE, Move From Self-Judgment to SELF-LOVE, & Establish a personal practice that nourishes YOU.

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Heal from Burnout with Tools for RESILIENCE:

We all want to help our family, friends, clients, and the world, but how can we do it without burning out in the process? By developing a Resilience Toolbox of mindfulness practices we can heal the divisions inside ourselves and get back to being part of the solution for everything we care about.

Move From Self-Judgment to SELF-LOVE:

Even if self-love sounds selfish, we can train to understand how our Inner Judge blocks healthy self-awareness, making self-management impossible. This one shift helps us slow down, let go, and more easily meet our commitments to ourselves and others.

Join a Community of MINDFUL PEOPLE:

Whether we’re caring for our family or fighting climate change, isolation can lead to overwhelm and confusion about what to do next. Learning mindfulness and resilience tools with the support of a community uncovers our blind spots and keeps us from getting stuck along the way. And it’s way more fun!

Establish a personal practice that nourishes YOU:

Modern technology gives us access to teachings from all over the world. This can leave us overwhelmed or afraid of “getting it wrong.” This course is designed to help you integrate ancient wisdom streams, modern neuroscience, and emotional intelligence techniques into your daily life, supporting you to develop a personal mindfulness practice designed to fill your cup first. 

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