Create a Sustainable Business Model

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4 Key Ingredients to Growing Your Health & Wellness Business Online

Jan. 25 @ 12:30 pm EST with William Jackson, PsyD

As health and wellness professionals ourselves, we'll share the 4 key ingredients that allow us to get paid for doing what we love while making making a bigger impact in our field.


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Does your work take more than it gives?

You know you are working on something you love when working on it doesn’t drain you, it energizes you. We’ll share a successful business model for turning your passion into a sustainablebusiness.

Overcome fear of technology so you can connect with more people online

We'll share how tech can simplify your online business into something manageable that saves you time and helps you build your email list even if you haven’t started.

Imposter syndrome is no joke 

No matter how many years of experience, it’s normal to feel like you never have enough expertise to create something new and different. We'll share how to prevent this from holding you back from sharing your expertise with a larger audience online. 

Authenticity over marketing

If you’re worried you won’t be able to market and fill your course without salesy gimmicks, we’ll share our secret to creating an authentic marketing journey that develops real connections with your ideal clients.


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