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Mindfulness-Based Methods for Connection, Creation and Leadership at Home and Work

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How to Avoid Working Parent Burnout

The life of a working parent can leave us feeling burnt out, making it difficult to connect with our kids. We’ll talk about how to focus your time and attention for more meaning, even in the midst of chaos.


Didn’t Learn These Skills Growing Up?

If you’re worried you lack the socio-emotional talent “kid/teen whisperers” seem to naturally possess, we’ll practice mindfulness methods with one another to gain confidence in key skills that will fill any gaps in your relationship toolkit for your kids and colleagues alike.


Does Home / Work “Balance” Seem Like A Mythical Creature?

Broadening your socio-emotional skill set isn’t about adding another task to your already full plate. Mindfulness-based communication methods help us communicate with clarity in a way that leaves others feeling seen and heard, so you’ll be able to resolve conflict and feel a deeper connection with your kids.


Foster Present Connection 

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others when we’re feeling two steps behind either at work or parenting (or both). Instead of forcing yourself to do more, we’ll learn how self-compassion can help us show up with more presence and how this actually makes us better at meeting both our needs, and those of others, with less time and energy spent.


Register for Free 1hr Training Thursday, Jan 12, 2022 08:00 PM Eastern Time