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Healing The Heart Of Service

A Mindfulness Training for Helping the World without Abandoning Ourselves

Enrolling until September 22, 2022


Heal from Burnout with Tools for RESILIENCE:

By developing a Resilience Toolbox of mindfulness practices we can heal the divisions inside ourselves and get back to being part of the solution without hitting burnout in the process. 

Move From Self-Judgment to SELF-LOVE:

Train to understand how your Inner Judge blocks healthy self-awareness, making self-management impossible. This one shift helps us slow down, let go, and more easily meet our commitments to ourselves and others.

Join a Community of MINDFUL PEOPLE:

Isolation can lead to overwhelm and confusion about what to do next. Learning mindfulness and resilience tools with the support of a community uncovers our blind spots and keeps us from getting stuck along the way. And it’s way more fun!

Establish a personal practice that nourishes YOU:

This course is designed to help you integrate ancient wisdom streams, modern neuroscience, and emotional intelligence techniques into your daily life, supporting you to develop a personal mindfulness practice designed to fill your cup first. 


What is the online program?

Healing the Heart of Service is a 10 week, 20+ Hour hybrid live and pre-recorded course designed to help you develop and deepen your mindfulness practice with the support of a community and a teacher with over 20 years of practice experience. 

You will have access to hours of videos, guided meditations, a community forum full of resources, and live group meetings.  


Included in the program:


Video Teachings

Weekly videos that will walk you through a systematic approach to develop Resilience using mindfulness. Resilience is a teachable skill that has more to do with managing our attitude than our calendar.

Live Calls Weekly 

Every week we gather online to share our trials and triumphs in the practice. Ask direct questions and get time saving, clarifying answers. I spent all those years in Monasteries so you don’t have to!

Mindful Journaling

I have been journaling almost every day for the last ten years. I’m not especially disciplined, I was just taught how to journal in a way that is natural, easy, doesn’t take forever, and is undeniably beneficial. Learn how this one tool can help you understand your mind. 

Second Body Practice

We can’t do this work alone. Pair up with a partner and check in on a weekly basis. Even just getting a text that says, “I followed the guided meditation today!” can be a huge support, especially if you’re new to mindfulness. 

Guided Meditation Recordings 

The course includes 4 different Guided Meditations that were created specifically to train you in the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, a teaching that is thousands of years old, and just as relevant today. 

Community Platform

Share your experience of each week’s topic with your classmates, connect with other mindful people, and meet a family of experienced Mindfulness Teachers, all on our integrated platform.


Course Structure

Every week will cover a different topic, with short videos, journaling prompts, and guided meditation practices adding up to 30-60 min of work each week.  Practicing alone, in pairs, and as a community on a weekly call, we will dive beneath the surface of these teachings and integrate them into our real lives. 


Weekly Themes (Outline):


Week 1 - Orientation: What Mindfulness Practice is and How to Begin

  • Definition of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness of the Body + Guided Meditation #1
  • Intro to Mindful Journaling
  • Second Body Practice


Week 2 - Listening to Ourselves and Quieting the Noise

  • The Volume Teachings, a look at our Nervous System
  • Mindfulness of the News
  • Integrated and Dedicated Practice
  • Anatomy of Sitting


Week 3 - Going Deeper and Seeing the Patterns

  • Self-Awareness → Self-Management → Self-Love
  • True Power is Action + Intention
  • What is Zen?


Week 4 - We Are In This Together

  • Mindfulness of the Feelings + Guided Meditation #2 
  • The Practice of Community
  • Patience


Week 5 - The Science and Practice of Letting Go

  • Non-Fear and Neuroanatomy
  • Non-Attachment to View
  • Letting Go


 Week 6 - LOVE in Mindfulness

  • Understanding is LOVE 
  • The Practice of R.A.I.N. (Recognition, Acceptance, Investigation, and Non-Identification)
  • What I Learned about Relationships from 7 Years of Celibacy


Week 7 - Understanding Our Mind

  • Mindfulness of the Thoughts + Guided Meditation #3 
  • The Science of Habit Energy
  • Mindfulness of the Judge


Week 8 - Integrating Mindfulness into Everyday Life

  • Are You Sure? (a training in Zen Pop Quiz practice)
  • Mindfulness of the Camera  
  • Acceptance


Week 9 - Practicing with Other People

  • Difficult Conversations and Deep Listening 
  • Slowing Down and Debunking the Urgency Fallacy
  • Action is the Antidote


Week 10 - Bringing it all Together in Compassion

  • Mindfulness of Everything + Guided Meditation #4
  • Hard Gratitude and Grief
  • Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion
  • Staying Connected to a Community of Practice