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What to expect from the Growing up Mindful Program


Motivating Kids to Practice
Create and refine a clear picture of what you want to create and co-create for the kids and teens you work with or live with. 
Comprehensive Training
This course does not offer a one size fits all approach. Learn how to customize mindfulness and create your own mindfulness program for your kids.
Community of Changemakers 
Find a community of like minded, innovative changemakers to support you along the way. 
Strategic Perspectives 
Gain insight into how to engage larger systems and bring mindfulness into organizations, schools and systems.

Meet your Instructor: Dr. Chris Willard

Dr. Christopher Willard, (Psy. D.) is a clinical psychologist, author and consultant based at Harvard Medical School. He has been invited to more than two dozen countries to speak, and has presented at two TEDx events. He is the author of eighteen books, including Alphabreaths (2019), Growing Up Mindful (2016) Raising Resilience (2017) and The Breathing Book, (2020) with more than twelve translations. His thoughts on mental health have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post,,, and elsewhere. He lives with his family in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Praise for Chris and his work from the leading mindfulness teachers of our time. 


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You can even use the meditation included to prepare for your Insight Call. What would it be like to be certified to share mindfulness with the young people in your life?