Change Your Health Destiny

Do you often feel so fatigued and overwhelmed you don't know what else to do but reach for stimulants or sweets just to keep going?


You've got it dialed down in terms of school, career, family but your mood and/or physical health is suffering and this just doesn't feel in alignment with who you are.

You can't help but feel like you should already have your mood and health all figured out by now.

You notice your mind making critical remarks about your body, your food choices, and other choices that impact your mental and physical health and it's bringing you down.

You know you need to address your health routine in order to be able to take the next step in your professional and personal life but it's tough to admit you need help because this makes your inner critic even louder.

You worry you'll never be able to find the stillness you crave in the midst of the chaos of your life and your biggest fear is that you're never going to figure out a sustainable, enjoyable wellness routine that makes you feel great in your body, mind and sprit day after day.

You've devoted your life to servicing others, in your career, family, and personal relationships but you don't know why it's so hard for you to extend that same compassionate care to your own body and health.

You're ready to take the next step and bring your mental and physical health in alignment with who you are. This misalignment nags at you day after day.

At this point, maybe you’ve worked with so many health professionals you’re either super skeptical or don’t know who to trust.

Maybe there's a little voice in your head saying you can't have it all, that if you're going to raise a family, or give your all to your career that your mental and physical health is just going to have to suffer.

I'm here to teach you there’s a sustainable way to change your health and wellness trajectory without other areas of your life (relationships, career, academics) suffering.

I invite you to join me in my 12 week program to re-wire your gut brain and learn how to tune in and read your body for good!


This program is for you if you want...


- to learn how to stop criticizing yourself and your body so you can begin to heal your relationship with your body?

- to find balance internally when life around you feels turbulent

- to explore gluten, dairy or other food sensitivity

- to find motivation to consistently do the healthy things that you know you need and want in your life when your day to day feels ever changing

- to learn how to manage and balance the stressors in both your work and personal life

- to maintain equanimity during a period of transition or major change in your life

- to nurture your body for balanced hormones, fertility, and/or recovery after childbirth


- to recommit to an exercise or movement routine that feels sustainable

- to deepen your compassion and acceptance for your body and who you are

Download my Gut Brain Guide below:


Learn the Science Behind the Gut Brain: Discover how billions of living microbes play a pivotal role in determining our levels of feel good chemicals and mood, inflammation and physical pain, metabolism (weight), cravings and taste buds.

Gain Insight through Gut Brain Trainings: Practice mindfully reconnecting with your body on every level to tap into your physical, emotional, spiritual health to reduce stress, improve mood and create space for more self-compassion.

Practice Intuitive Biome-Conscious Eating: Tune into the wisdom of your body by learning how to decipher the signals of your internal ecosystem, the Gut Brain, for lasting changes in your health and mood.

Create Your Food Oasis: Learn all the hacks for adding in nutrients to your diet that best support the health of your Gut Brain through delicious healthy meals, snacks and dessert recipes.


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