Cultivating Gut Health for Lasting Weight Balance

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Lose 5-20lbs FOR GOOD without counting calories or following restrictive diet plans by healing the gut and practicing mindful and intuitive eating.

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In this training you will learn about...

Releasing The Diet Mentality

We'll go over the real reason diets don't work and what to do instead to feel great in your body without cutting out your favorite foods or adding gym sessions.

Balancing the Gut

You'll learn why balancing the gut is key to increasing satiety, reducing food cravings and maintaining a stable blood sugar so you can better understand and trust your body's signals like hunger, fullness, and cravings. 

Befriending Our Body

Why practicing mindful and intuitive eating focused around balancing the gut helps us to tend to our body's needs and befriend our body.

Creating a Food Oasis

How you can release excess weight in a consistent, healthy, sustainable way without cooking every day or spending more money on food. 

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The Mindful Body Program

Reach and maintain a healthy weight without counting calories or restrictive diet plans by healing the gut and practicing mindful, intuitive eating.

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