Become an Expert in Sharing Mindfulness with Kids 


(Free Training on the Growing Up Mindful Certification)

Find playful, easy ways to share mindfulness with kids and teens for educators, therapists and parents working in challenging situations.

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In this training you will learn about...

Joining A Community of Changemakers 

Learn about a community of like minded, innovative changemakers to support you along the way. 

Motivating Kids to Practice

Create a picture of what you want to create and co-create for the kids and teens you work with or live with.

Taking A Strategic Systems View 

Get insight into how to engage larger systems and bring mindfulness into organizations, schools and systems.

A Comprehensive Mindfulness Training

Learn how to customize mindfulness and create your own mindfulness program for your kids.

The Growing Up Mindful Program

10 week 20+hr Certification for Sharing Mindfulness with Young People

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