About Us


SkillfulMeans is committed to providing individuals and organizations with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today's fast-paced and demanding world.

Our science-backed offerings were developed by psychologist, former Buddhist monk, and meditation teacher, Dr. William Jackson, to empower individuals to proactively prioritize their well-being. We help employees & leaders cultivate emotional resilience, mental fitness, and a growth mindset, which are essential for preventing burnout and navigating challenges and conflicts both at work and at home.  

SkillfulMeans Corporate EQ helps organizations build an emotionally resilient workforce and leadership to address disengaged employees, loss of productivity, team conflicts, and high turnover through targeted mental-health & peak performance seminars, virtual team challenges and courses on Team Dynamics and Leadership EQ.

The name "Skillful Means" comes from the Pali word “upaya,” which in Buddhism translates as the skillful path or skillful actions one takes to achieve personal well-being.

For our purposes, SkillfulMeans are the timely and effective skills we use to wake up to our life and align our behavior with our needs, passions and values.



Dr. William Jackson is a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and founder of SkillfulMeans. While meditating as a monk in remote jungle huts for 12 to 14 hours a day, William developed a fascination with how people living fully engaged modern lives could experience the life-changing benefits of meditation. This calling led him to leave the monastery, study psychology, and develop the SkillfulMeans approach to complete wellbeing. It is the goal of SkillfulMeans to help you infuse insight into every facet of your work & home life.