About Us

Aims and short history of SkillfulMeans 

SkillfulMeans is a thriving community of insight-oriented wellness practitioners and change makers who are committed not only to their own personal wellness practices but also in supporting others to find a deeper sense of well-being in their lives.


We help therapists and coaches to grow their wellness business allowing them to do what they love without sacrificing their authenticity, hustling through back-to-back sessions or getting overwhelmed by technology and social media by following our sustainable Mindful Entrepreneur online growth strategy.


As a larger organization and community, we aim to provide three things.

1. Support wellness practitioners and change-makers to develop online offerings and share their insights in a way that allows them to reach the people who are most ready and willing to adopt their practices and who therefore will benefit the most. 

2. Tools for wellness practitioners to develop and deepen their personal meditation practice and personal well-being. 

3. A community where coaches, therapists and teachers can collaborate and share best-practices in their personal and professional endeavors. 


Dr. William Jackson, psychologist, and former Buddhist Monk originally founded SkillfulMeans when he developed the hybrid online meditation program "The SkillfulMind Program". The success of his first program inspired him to share his methodology with other wellness practitioners who wanted to develop their own online programs to share the insights that have inspired them to continue their own meaningful inward journey. 

Heather Wise MPH, certified health and wellness coach, mindfulness teacher, and author of the book, A Gut Feeling then joined the team as a founding member bringing over ten years experience in corporate wellness and digital wellness tools.

If you share our vision of developing an online community of insight-oriented wellness practitioners and would like to join forces, please reach out: [email protected]