About Us

Aims and short history of SkillfulMeans 

SkillfulMeans is a thriving community of insight-oriented wellness practitioners and change makers who are committed not only to their own personal wellness practices but also in supporting others to find a deeper sense of well-being in their lives.

The name SkillfulMeans comes from the word “upaya” which in Buddhism translates as the skillful path or skillful actions one takes to achieve deep and true presence. Many spiritual traditions share similar wisdom around the concept of skillful means.

The process of developing more presence with oneself and others is similar to the process of developing intimacy. In order to build intimacy with oneself and others it’s important to build a foundation of internal safety and trust which is necessary for this level of closeness. As we learn what actions we can take to calm our nervous system and to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves so we discover a sense of internal safety and intimacy with oneself.

Our internal experience shapes our perspectives, our experiences and our relationships so when we start with developing intimacy with ourselves we then carry that with us into our lives naturally enhancing human connection at home, at work, in our creative zones and in all areas of our lives.

Our SkillfulMeans trainings provide a road map towards developing upaya or the actions by which we can take on our own unique life path towards deep presence and intimacy with ourselves.

As a larger organization and community, we aim to provide three things.

1. Tools and training for professionals to develop and deepen their personal upaya practice and personal well-being.

2. A community where professionals, coaches, therapists and teachers can collaborate and share best-practices in their personal and professional endeavors.

3. Support teachers, health professionals and change-makers to develop online offerings and share their insights in a way that allows them to reach the people who are most ready and willing to adopt their practices and who therefore benefit the most.


Dr. William Jackson is a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and founder of SkillfulMeans. While meditating as a monk in remote jungle huts for 12 to 14 hours a day, William developed a fascination with how people living fully engaged modern lives could experience the life-changing benefits of meditation. This calling led him to leave the monastery, study psychology, and develop the SkillfulMeans approach to complete wellbeing. It is the goal of SkillfulMeans to help you infuse insight into every facet of your life.