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What is included in the Awakening Creativity Program?


Taking Creative Risk

We help you create and define a foundation of safety to support your creative risk taking throughout the 12 weeks.

Igniting the Subconscious

Learn clear ways to tap into your subconscious to find your version of creativity. Ignite creativity that brings you immense joy, sparks courage, confidence and vulnerability without the need to reinvent your life.

Rediscovering Imagination 

Generate and think of new ideas faster. Learn skills to flex your imagination muscle so you can access it and apply it to your life where it is needed most.

Collaborating with your Creativity Ensemble

Community allows creativity to blossom. We become limitless together. We can turn anything from good to great with the right community. We will be there supporting you to build your ensemble. It is the key to having more fun! 

Hear from Mari's clients

Dale M.

Mari did an excellent job of introducing novel and fresh approaches to nurturing my creativity. I especially benefited when we learned not to think outside the box but to take the box apart and reinvent it!

Julie P.

Mari’s warm, inclusive style made me feel comfortable, welcomed and accepted just as I am. 

Ruth R.

"My work with Mari has awoken parts of myself I forgot existed. I am so grateful for her presence, reflection, and lightness she brings"

Who is Mari?

Mari Reisberg LPC

Mari Reisberg, LPC is a therapist, performer, podcast host of the Sustaining Creativity Podcast and creativity coach. She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Hartford’s Hartt School and an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Dance/Movement Therapy, from Naropa University. She has shared her Sustaining Creativity work with performers at universities across the country and has shared her somatic psychology expertise in the acting book Roadblocks in Acting by Rob Roznowski. She has worked with performers and non-performers in 1:1 coaching programs to spark, grow, sustain and transform creativity in their lives. She has designed and executed Dialectical Behavioral Therapy programs for hospital settings, clinics and had the privilege of supporting therapy interns at an addiction recovery center. Mari believes we are all creative and life is way more fun when we can find creativity.

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