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Understand Your Unique Microbial Influences

Our microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint and yet it’s constantly changing which makes microbial stool-testing less helpful in the long-run, not to mention expensive and time consuming. Learning how to best tend to our internal garden starting with identifying what signals are being sent from your unique microbes so you can constantly get a read on the state of your gut health and then learning how to respond in real time to those cues as you get to know your unique microbiome.

Hone Your Mind-Body Connection

Our gut is constantly communicating with our body and mind through our nervous system while our mind is sending signals back to our body and microbes. When we tap into the power of these “gut feelings” and treat them as opportunities to transform our health and our life, rather than viewing them as simply physical annoyances, mood disturbances or other symptoms, we become lifelong master gardeners of our own internal mind-body ecosystem with the ability to respond and heal in the short-term while cultivating the “feeling crops” we want to grow long-term.

Gain Confidence in Your Food Environment

Developing a healthy relationship with your microbiome is just the beginning of an intuitive eating practice. How do you carry that mind-body awareness into your life and navigate family or social pressures as well as external food environments? We’ll learn how to elicit the support of others while setting up your own food oasis at home and while traveling or eating out. 

Join a Growing Community of Mind-Body Practitioners

Many of us have tried dozens of wellness practices or diets in the past only to find ourselves back at square one with our health, weight, and mood, falling in to old habits. Join our growing community as we support each other in our journey towards becoming biome conscious intuitive eaters. In our busy lives we'll keep each other accountable to making the time and space to take care of our mental and physical health. 

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Heather Wise, MPH 

Heather Wise, MPH is a certified mind-body coach, wellness consultant, herbalist, certified yoga instructor, and author of the book, A Gut Feeling: Conquer Your Sweet Tooth by Tuning Into Your Microbiome

Heather incorporates mindfulness and body awareness in her coaching to bring clarity and vision when designing routines of self-care. Heather has crafted her own unique approach drawing upon the transformative power of re-balancing the gut microbiome using the latest scientific research.

She has been invited to speak and give workshops at yoga studios, wellness centers, and universities, including at Harvard Medical School. She lives in the Boston area with her husband, daughter and son. 


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