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The Ripple Effect: Amplify Your Impact Through Online Wellness Courses

Jun 04, 2024

A Lesson from U Revata: Understanding Different Paths

Ever heard of the ripple effect? One small action can create waves of impact, and when it comes to wellness, online courses are your ticket to amplifying that effect. Let me take you on a little journey that highlights just how powerful this can be.

Back in my days in Burma, I met a meditation teacher named U Revata. Picture this: a young Thai Chinese guy in his late twenties or early thirties, standing in for the renowned Pa Auk Sayadaw. U Revata shared a story that stuck with me. During his intense meditation training, Pa Auk Sayadaw had one strict rule for him: no reading, just practice. The goal? Zero distractions, pure focus on the path to enlightenment. Only after reaching a certain level of enlightenment did he allow U Revata to read, study, and eventually teach.

Why this strict approach? It was all about understanding different paths leading to the same enlightenment. Once U Revata found his way, he saw that many other...

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What Do You Want to Create This Year? 5 Questions

Jan 08, 2024

This past weekend I got to go sledding with my kiddos and truly, I cannot remember the last time we had that much fun doing an activity as a family.

Now that my kids are getting a little bit older (no longer in diapers) it feels like the years of nap schedules and constant home life are over and a new chapter awaits. My heart feels so full thinking of this coming year and how many more moments like this that we have to look forward to together this year as a family.

At the end of every year and at the beginning I like to take some time to reflect, contemplate and dream. It’s such a perfect time to look back at the past year and also look ahead at what’s to come (or what you’d like to take the first steps to bring into your life this year in 2024)!

Looking back at this past year, I learned a lot about myself and how to take my own personal self-care to the next level by setting clearer boundaries about what I need in all areas of my life (work life, personal...

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