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Overcoming Niching Anxiety as a Wellness Practitioner

Nov 04, 2023


I’m sitting on my porch as I write this all bundled up in a blanket with a warm drink in my hand feeling the cold winter air on my face. I think that what I love most about Winter is the invitation the cold weather brings to hibernate. The cool air beckons me to go inward, to stop doing so much and start the process of germinating something new.

Can you relate? When was the last time your own creative juices started flowing?

What happens if you brainstorm and get all excited and then when it comes time to share your idea or new creation with your clients you get tongue tied with questions like…"how will I share about my new project?" How will it help address your clients problems? How can you communicate that to them in a clear and succinct way? 

For health and wellness professionals, niching down is a topic that can stir up a plethora of emotions, from anxiety and fear to excitement and inspiration. 

So if it’s such a mixed bag...

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