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Our Biggest Fear Is Our Own Greatness


In both my personal and professional life, I've realized that fear often keeps me from pursuing success. Just the other day, I found myself pondering why I hesitate. The truth hit me: achieving my goals would mean shedding the excuses that have become my comfort zone. No more self-pity, no more feeling powerless over my circumstances.

Last summer, as I lay recovering from recurring Lyme disease infections, I faced a similar truth. Why wasn't I healing despite months of treatment? Deep down, I feared recovery would strip away my “poor me” narrative, forcing me to acknowledge my own strength and control over my life.

Staying Safe 

Blaming others and circumstances felt safe, a familiar refuge where I didn't have to acknowledge my own power and choice. Bedridden with Lyme, I faced a stark realization: recovering meant accepting that I already had everything I ever wanted. Surprisingly, that terrified me.

Why so scary? For years, I had clung to a "poor me" narrative that suddenly felt like a chain holding me back. Shifting focus from what I didn’t want (Lyme) to what I deeply desired (vibrant health) felt daunting.

Change challenges us deeply, threatening the ego we've meticulously shaped over the years. Our ego prefers stability, fearing change like a mortal enemy. Yet, it’s precisely this change that sparks our growth and evolution as human beings, pushing us to balance the comfort of safety with the bold leap into transformative change.

Re-Writing Your Story

During my recovery, I came to a heartfelt realization: it was time to rewrite my narrative, shifting from “poor me” to “lucky me.”

So I began with small affirmations:

  • “Lucky me to have a career that lets me rest and manage my own schedule, nurturing my health.”
  • “Lucky me to be engaged in work that motivates me to take care of my body so I can keep doing what I love.”
  • “Lucky me to possess deep knowledge about recovering from chronic illness and antibiotics, knowledge I even packed into a book.”

Bit by bit, these affirmations started to craft a new story, one that mirrored the life I yearned for.

Deciding to change my narrative sparked inspiration within me, prompting actions that began to transform my daily routines and gradually, my well-being. These acts are the essence of our intentions, so potent that a single small action each day, drawn from our newly crafted narrative, can radically redefine our identity.

This could be as simple as jotting thoughts in your journal, exploring a new meditation style, cooking a fresh healthy recipe, or seeking help from a friend. Day by day, these actions accumulate, potentially leading to a life transformed within a year—the kind of life you've always envisioned.

Ask yourself, what outdated stories are you clinging to? What new narrative resonates with the person you aspire to be? Slip into the shoes of your future self who has already achieved your goals, and let them narrate their story to you.

Author: SkillfulMeans Staff


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