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Inhale Evolution, Exhale Stagnation: A Breath of Fresh Momentum

It's effortless to recognize when we're riding the high wave of a good day—when the birds are serenading us, the colors around us seem more vibrant, and the universe seems to whisper in our ear that all is well. Conversely, it's equally easy to acknowledge when we're trapped in the quicksand of a bad day—when the world feels gray, and every step forward feels like a battle against an invisible force.

But what about those subtle shifts in momentum? Those moments when our vibrant energy begins to wane, and we start to drift away from our self-care rituals or our positive affirmations? It's all too easy to dismiss these signs with excuses like "I'm just too tired today" or "I'll take a break from my self-care routine." These rationalizations sound familiar, don't they?

For me, this often manifests as a small but persistent voice that concocts excuse after excuse for not engaging in activities that fuel my self-evolution. It whispers things like:

  • "Maybe I'll skip calling my friend today. I don't have anything interesting to share, and she's probably too busy anyway."
  • "I could look at my expenses, but I just don't want to deal with it this month. I'll balance my books later."
  • "I'm too exhausted to cook a healthy meal today."
  • "I'll meditate tomorrow, not today, even though I have the time right now."

When I catch myself in this cycle of excuses, I can feel my momentum slipping away in every aspect of my life, leading to a cascade of self-criticism that spirals into a deep slump.

So, what can we do in these moments when forcing ourselves to act feels counterproductive?

In these times, I pause and remind myself, "Hey, it's okay to be in a slump now and then. I'm not here to criticize you; I'm on your side. Let's take a moment and think about how we can gently shift direction. What's one small step we can take toward the vibrant energy of birds singing and colors popping?"

On days when you sense your positive momentum slowing down, I encourage you to introduce a simple mantra into your thoughts and meditation practice: "On my inhale, I breathe in self-evolution, and on my exhale, I breathe out stagnation."

Engaging in this kind of gentle self-dialogue can be the key to identifying actionable steps toward reigniting the sparks of well-being in our lives—connection, grace, love, vitality, and security.

Now, I pose a question for you to ponder: What will help you move toward the sunny days ahead? What will help you build momentum toward the love, insight, support, impact, and financial security you desire in your life? What's one tiny step you can take today?

If you're feeling overwhelmed and seeking clarity and focus in your life, I invite you to join our 7 Day Meditation Challenge, "Creating a Calm & Confident Mind." It's a journey designed to help you cultivate a more centered and empowered mindset.

Remember, the journey of self-evolution is not about leaps and bounds; it's about the small, consistent steps we take each day. So, let's inhale progress, exhale stagnation, and step forward with renewed purpose and vitality.

Author: SkillfulMeans Staff


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